New Student Organization Queer Association of Asian Pacific Islanders (QAAPI) �Now Meeting

          QAAPI is a student organization that creates a confidential, impartial space for anyone to discuss LGBTQ issues in the Asian and Pacific Islander community. QAAPI strives to promote awareness of the Queer Asian & Pacific Islander community, with a commitment to education, community service, and respect for humanity. For more information, email ucrqaapi@gmail.com.

          UQ Conference�rocks the HUB

          UC� Riverside hosted the UQ Conference: 20 Years of Campus LGBT Progress on February 2, 2013.�Over 300 people from 60 campuses registered to attend.��Read the UCR Today article.

          LGBT Resource Center Launches TransFigures Poster Project

          The TransFigures Poster Project is an awareness campaign that seeks to educate and to celebrate the lives and achievement of Trans* individuals. The first series includes thirteen 11 x 17 color posters, featuring Ryka Aoki, Dr. Van Bailey, Genny Beemyn, D'Lo, Vicki Estrada, Phyllis Frye, Ricky Garcia, Raquel Gutierrez, Tania "T" Hammidi, Jennifer Leitham, Deirdre McCloskey, Bamby Salcedo, and Mia Yamamoto. Posters are available as both low- and high-resolution downloadable *pdf documents. The project was developed by UCR Summer Graduate Intern Kayla Lisenby. Learn more, including access to an Education Guide and how to be a featured individual in future poster series,�on the TransFigures Poster Project web page.

          UC Riverside Named a Top-10 Trans-Friendly Campus in U.S.

          From The Advocate (8/15/12):

          "...UC Riverside (UCR) is one of the country's most active colleges in educating the campus about trans people.� Through its LGBT Resource Center, UCR offers an ally training program specifically about the experiences of trans people, and it commemorates the Transgender Day of Remembrance through a series of posters displayed around campus that feature individuals who have been murdered because of their gender identity or expression.� Complimenting this effort, the center is currently developing a poster project of important living trans figures, with a focus on trans people of color.� In 2005, UCR was the first public college in the U.S. to offer gender-inclusive housing for both incoming and returning students.� This year, the college collaborated with eight other campuses to organize the country's first intercampus retreat for trans/genderqueer and gender-questioning college students, building on a highly successfully trans retreat at UC Irvine in 2011.volunteers."

          UC Riverside Named a Top-25 LGBT-Friendly Campus in U.S.

          Using�factors leading to�a campus experience that is inclusive, welcoming andf respectful of LGBT�people as measured by��the Campus Climate Index, Campus Pride named UC Riverside one of the top LGBT-Friendly universities in the nation. UCR rated highly in LGBT Policy Inclusion, Support & Institutional Commitment, LGBT Academic Life, Student Life, Housing, Campus Safety, Counseling & Health and Recruitment and Retention Efforts. Other California campuses in the Top 25 are Stanford University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Barbara. See the complete story here.

          • Take the UCCampus Climate Survey!: We need LGBTQ and Allies voices! be part of the anonympus Campus Climate Sunday of all students, staff and faculty.
          • Apply to be�a CORE Member: Join Community OUTreach Educatorsand get involved as a student panelist, tabling spokesperson, and/or program assistant. No experience needed, just a strong interest in the LGBT community. It all bgeins with our online CORE member application. Learn more here.
          • RSVP for an Allies or Trans Allies Seminar: Attend a 3-hour Allies Safe Zone Seminar and join a network of UCR staff, faculty and students supporting the LGBT community. Spring dates TBA.
          • Give back: Fund scholarships, donate wish list items and more.

          FACES OF PRIDE

          • Katherine
            Katherine Delos Reyes
            Class of 2013
            Political Science
            "I'm proud to be an open-minded individual."
          • Gandara
            Rigoberto Gandara
            Class of 2013
            English and Women's Studies
            "I am proud to be Chican@, vegan, anarchist, queer, feminist, and to be a student, Peer Connections peer mentor, and an officer in Queer People of Color and La Familia."
          • Grove
            Tim Grove
            Class of 2013
            Media and Cultural Studies/Theatre
            "I am proud to be a unicorn (don't tell me I don't exist)."
          • Toi
            Program Director
            LGBT Resource Center
            "I am proud to be a resource for students at UCR."
          • Addie
            Adeline "Addie" Gomez
            Class of 2013
            "I am proud to have 'swagg.'"
          • Alix
            Class of 2012
            Creative Writing
            "I am proud to be addicted to learning and proud to be genderqueer."
          • Pakhchian
            Annette Pakhchian
            Class of 2012
            Political Science
            "I'm proud to be an open-minded individual."
          • Anthony
            Class of 2013
            Business Administration and Global Studies
            "I am proud to be a member of student organization, Queer People of Color."
          • Ashlee
            Class of 2015
            "I am proud to be a member of the LGBT community, to be a part of Queer People of Color and to be accepting of all of God's creatures."
          • Harrington
            Caitlin Harrington
            Class of 2015
            "I am proud to be a friend, daughter, sister and straight ally! I am proud to be me."
          • Connie
            Class of 2012
            History and Women's Studies
            "I am proud to be a fightin' feminist ally!"
          • Martinez
            Crystal Martinez
            Class of 2014
            "I am proud to be a queer Mexican, and to be a member of the LGBT community."
          • Elia
            Class of 2013
            Women's Studies
            "I am proud to be a Puerto Rican feminist-lesbian."
          • Eva
            Class of 2013
            Class of 2014
            "I am proud to be multicultural, multiethnic and pansexual."
          • Heather
            Class of 2012
            Anthropology and Women's Studies
            "I am proud to be an Alpha class member of Gamma Rho Lambda."
          • Huong
            Class of 2014
            "I am proud to be a leader and bisexual!"
          • Weaver
            Jamaul Weaver
            Class of 2015
            "I am proud to be a passionate activist of the LGBT community who identifies as gay."
          • Jason
            Class of 2014
            "I am proud to be a brother of Beta Phi Delta."
          • Sy
            Joann Sy
            Class of 2014
            "I am proud to be a straight ally."
          • Santos
            Jorge Delos Santos
            Class of 2014
            Women's Studies
            "I am proud to be a role model."
          • Montoya
            Joseph Montoya
            Class of 2015
            International Affairs and Foreign Language
            "I am proud to be active in the LGBT community."
          • Neuhaus
            Meta Neuhaus
            Class of 2014
            "I am proud to be bisexual, and proud that I was able to connect to my family and friends."
          • Nancy
            Nancy Jean
            LGBT Resource Center
            "I am proud to be a radical bureaucrat from Texas who is lesbian and Lebanese. Whoop!"
          • Nicolas
            Class of 2015
            Psychology, Law and Society
            "I am proud to be a gay nerd."
          • Tams
            Class of 2014
            "I am proud to be awesome."

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